Magaret Muchiri

Team Leader

Meet Margaret Muchiri, the founder and team leader at Royal Pearl, with over nineteen years of experience in the property market industry. After working with leading names in the property sector in Kenya, Margaret joined Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF), an international non-governmental aviation organization based at Wilson Airport, where she worked for fourteen years as the Facilities Manager. Margaret’s wealth of industry expertise, complemented by her professional training in construction and project management, sets her apart as a highly qualified property and project management consultant. Under Margaret’s guidance and leadership, Royal Pearl continues to provide bespoke solutions with a touch of professionalism to serve our clients’ property management needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals.

Lynn Kiarie

Property Manager

Meet Lynn Kiarie, our highly motivated and experienced property manager with a degree in communication from Daystar University. With a strong background in the construction industry, Lynn has worked extensively on renovations for expatriate communities. Her resilience and tenacity in the real estate industry have led to great success, and she is skilled at managing properties, negotiating contracts, and building strong relationships with clients and tenants. As a dynamic and driven professional, Lynn is committed to providing exceptional service and delivering results for our clients. Let Lynn help you with all your property management needs – contact us today to get started.

Connect with us today to help you be at ease

Let us handle your property mangement needs and allow you to rest easy with peace of mind. Our team of experts offers comprehensive services tailored to your specific requirements, including rent collection, financial reporting, maintenance and repairs, and tenant communication. Contact us today to experience stress-free property management.

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